Why Trade With Bcapital?

Forex Trading with Bcapital
Your chosen trading broker serves as the impetus to your success in the field. Since they serve as the middleman and sometimes even the other side of your trades as in the case of dealing desks, knowing who they really are and what they are capable of are...
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TorOption Broker Review

Binary Options Review
What is trading? Trading is a big part of todays society. Stocks and the trade market are touch and go and everyone want to know they are in good hands. Some are not too sure where to start and the best method in order to be successful in...
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The Three Best Forex Trading Tools

Best forex trading tools
Since the last two decades, Internet has offered individual investors the chance to take advantage of investment in Forex. As a result, investors are constantly looking for the best Forex trading tools that can assist them in earning above-average market returns. As such, following are the three most...
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What is the Difference Between Stocks and Shares

The Difference Between Stocks and Shares
We have come to the understanding that many people are confused about the differences that exist between “stocks” of a company and “shares” of a company, so we wanted to write this article in an attempt to provide some clarity between the two. Public vs. Private First, though,...
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Important Features to Look Out For in Your Trading Platforms

Choosing the best trading platforms
Sound risk management principles and high-probability strategies are commonly championed as tools for success in trading. While both tools do play an integral role in one’s ability to successfully and consistently predict market direction, the trading tool being used to execute orders and manage positions play an equally...
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