Reviewing the New Lightning Fast Keystone Binary Options Trading Platform

If you’re into binary options trading, pay attention. In a game where your profits rely on lightning quick execution and accuracy, Keystone Trading Technologies has a new platform you should be aware of. Referred to (unsurprisingly) as Keystone, we decided to take the software on a trial run to see how it performed against other popular softwares. Jaded traders accustomed to frequent trading solutions in an already crowded market might be tempted to skip over the rest of this article. Wait! Not so fast. Keystone is a solid enough platform that you might decide to call up your broker and ask when they will be offering access to the new kid on the block? Here are the important things to know about Keystone.

Off to the Races: Responsive Trading

A slow trading platform can absolutely kill your returns in the binary options market. This is perhaps the area where Keystone shines most brightly. The platform is so responsive it doesn’t feel web-based at all. Price updates on the graphs by the second, if not faster. When you need to jump in or out of a trade, reaction time is – for all practical purposes – instantaneous, with no lag time. When seconds matter, which they usually do in short term trading, Keystone is one platform that won’t leave you grinding your mouse to dust while waiting to find out if you got executed at the price you wanted.

Four-in-One: Trading Assets At A Glance

Too many trading platforms leave something to be desired in the visual and functional presentation of price charts. With Keystone, you can have a single, large chart front and center or watch four at one time. For traders who jump in and out of multiple trading assets dozens, or maybe even hundreds, of times during the day, not having to switch back and forth between different charts can be a difference maker in your personal bottom line. For those who like trading candlestick charts but have a hard time finding a broker with anything decent, Keystone might be a pleasant surprise. Unlike some of the other bare-bones platforms, it’s easy to add multiple technical indicators onto any of the charts.


We’re starting to feel like something of a broken record here, but taking into account that binary traders value speed and simplicity, that’s what you get with the Keystone platform interface. From what we can tell, everything important is within easy reach on the screen. While perhaps not the very top notch for navigation (Panda might be slightly better), it’s certainly good enough.

Speed Trading

Keystone calls short term trading “speed trading,” which is an accurate description. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can choose to trade in 60 second, 90 second, and 120 second time frames. For binary options newbies, this just means that you predict whether the price will be higher or lower at the conclusion of whichever time frame you choose. Obviously, fast execution is HIGHLY important to this kind of strategy. A time delay of even a few seconds on a 60 second option puts the odds of profiting that much more against you. As emphasized earlier, speedy execution is critical for short term traders. If you hold positions for days or longer, a few seconds delay on your trading platform is not such a big deal.

Where to Find It

To date, only a few brokers offer the Keystone trading platform to clients. Since it’s so new to the market, this is not surprising. The only two we’ve been able to find thus far are 24Winner and OptionTime. Don’t let that scare you off, though. Keystone Trading Technologies, developer of the platform, are owned by a parent company with a long history in the Forex market. If you’re interested but don’t want to sink a lot of money into it right away, both brokers mentioned allow you to open a trading account with as little as $200.

The Bottom Line

In the final analysis, the Keystone platform seems to be a solid entrant into the binary options trading arena, especially for short term traders. It’s fast, intuitive, and if you like candlestick trading, this one blows all the other competitors out of the water. Expect that its use will become more widespread as time goes on.

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