TorOption Broker Review

TorOption Review

What is trading?

Trading is a big part of todays society. Stocks and the trade market are touch and go and everyone want to know they are in good hands. Some are not too sure where to start and the best method in order to be successful in marketing and stocks. So when people look at binary trading they look to get the best info to get them on the right foot. Binary trading is one of the lower risk trading options where on chooses if the stock will go up or down during a particular time frame. If the trader is correct then they will receive their portion of the stock share. The best thing to do is your research.

Broker TorOption
Languages English, Russian
Minimum Account Size $350
Trading Platform SpotOption
Deposit Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Wire Transfers

What is offered?

As shown in this TorOption review, it is a website that can assist with all of your needs when it comes to binary trading online. This website offers ebooks and information along with step by step instructions on how to become successful and have the knowledge and know how of how to navigate through the process. When looking into this website you get the full treatment. You are able to create an account for free through TorOption. Once you have made the account you get to choose an account type. This Company offers several different options on what account will fit you best.
There are four accounts offered through this company. For beginners they have the mini account that is for people looking to put in anywhere from $300 to $5000 into the account. This is a minimal amount when it comes to binary trading. This account offers things like 24/7 customer support and an ebook to help out get started and be on your way. This account also includes a withdrawal of funds for the user with a 7 business day turn around. Account number 2 is the standard account. This account is for people looking to put in $5001 to $35,000 toward the account. With this account come a few extra perks. You get the 24/7 customer support, ebook and withdrawals in 7 business days but you also get a sign on bonus up to 50%. With this account you also get a call from a personal account manager and a free limited trial with an analysis. You will also have full access to the account manager as well. Account number 3 is the Executive account. This account is for people looking to add $35,001 to $50,000. With this just like the others the 24/7 support, ebook, withdrawals in 5 business days and a sign on bonus up to 75%. Extras with this account are unlimited calls from your personal account manager, a one on one session on trading session with an analyst and real time trading. The last and highest account is the VIP account. This is the best account this company offers. With this account you get 24/7 support, immediate withdrawal. With this account you get a custom made welcome bonus, unlimited personal account manager, trading session, weekly session with an analysis and real time trading.

Why this choice?

This company tries its best to cover all the bases when it comes to online binary trades. It is for all leagues of trades as well from beginner to expert and also allows you to move us as you learn the ropes. All of the information is in one place and is made easy for you to access and follow through. Complete with the online support to help you succeed in any way possible. If you are looking into online binary trading and want to get as much knowledge as possible before, during and after the trading process TorOption has it all.

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TorOption - Binary Options Broker
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Luca Benaglia says:


what you can get is never totally predictable. I have several years of experience in trading. The more you learn, the better you’ll be in this as in any other fields.
Be patient, research, learn and experiment as much as you can.

Mihail Ivanov says:


how much money can I make from 1000$ investment on this thing?
and how long it will take from me to learn trading?
……..Luca how much you spent to learn this thing
is it hard!!!!!!
…..I am Engineer is this going to help?
should I dedicate much time for this thing to be pro.?

Good luck

Luca Benaglia says:

I recommend for you the Mini account as beginners and lean to Follow economic trends, Read the news, Use trading signals, hedge through risk-reversal, establishing and follow a well-implemented strategy,use the technical analysis… it is all about recognizing trends through the generation of statistics on market activity. These statistics are largely focused on past prices and volume……..the SpotOption platform is bigger than Tradologic and TechFinancial platforms also SpotOption is newest platform and has Over 250 assets available,amazing mobile application, full API for integration….. its the on e i really like.

Marcus says:

Hi everyone,

I’m Marcus from Australia.
I’m a newbie…I’ve discovered this new broker and I’d like
to know from expert traders which account works best for a beginner
trader like me and if SpotOption is a reliable platform.


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