Bcapital Forex Broker: The Complete Review

Forex Trading with Bcapital

Your chosen trading broker serves as the impetus to your success in the field. Since they serve as the middleman and sometimes even the other side of your trades as in the case of dealing desks, knowing who they really are and what they are capable of are essential facts to research on and thoroughly consider.

What is Bcapital?

Bcapital is one of the emerging brands servicing foreign exchange traders that is based in Europe, particularly in the UK. Relatively nascent in its respective industry, Bcapital introduces themselves as a regulated Forex trading platform on their main webpage. As a regulated broker-slash-trading platform, Bcapital offers all the financial products and services you need to start buying and selling currency pairs.

What Does the Brand Offer?

The company focuses its financial services and expertise in the trillion-dollar market of foreign exchange currencies. Open 24/5, the Forex market is one of the most actively traded markets by both professional and amateur traders. Bcapital aims to simplify the process of trading by creating intuitive platforms that can rival those of more established brands.

Company Website

Aside from being a broker, Bcapital is also a proponent in trader’s education, providing a handful of trading-related articles on their main webpage. This spans from trading basics, such as the totality of the Forex market defined, to more advanced topics, such as day and swing trading strategies. The company website also has a drop-down menu for trading tools, which includes Market Analysis, an Economic Calendar, and Trading Signals.
Getting Started

If you’ve decided to take the leap into trading Forex, the first order of business is getting a trading account. Bcapital makes the process easy and straightforward, with majority of the processing done via the web. Upon requesting an account, a representative will contact you regarding document requirements that you must fulfill before getting approved for an individual trading account. You’ll need photo IDs as well as a legitimate bank account from which to transfer, withdraw, and deposit funds.

Pros of Trading with Bcapital

For starters, Bcapital is a user-friendly trading platform that makes it easier to transition from a non-trading background. The platform integrates all the tools you’ll need to identify and capitalize on winning trade setups, such as customizable price charts and technical indicators. Another reason to trade with Bcapital is that it’s convenient. You no longer have to deal with brokers through the phone or manage accounts through a desktop computer. You can bring your trading with you wherever and whenever you go via the platform’s mobile version.


Established just this 2016, Bcapital has many things to prove to its competitors as well as its target audience. With the things seen so far with their website, you can be sure the brand is a legitimate broker and trading platform that will continue to grow and expand into the future.

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Ronnie says:

User-friendly platform and a reliable broker. First choice for forex trading in the UK.

Jeff Randall says:

Look forward to trading with them.

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