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modular staging solutions

Enhance Your Event With Modular Stages

Modular stages are a great way to add unique and versatile stage configurations to your event. They are uniquely designed for use in a variety of indoor or outdoor settings. Because of the slotted panels, the assembly process is fast and easy, yet this well manufactured, patented system does not…


Steel curtain wall sections use steel to the structure’s advantage

The steel curtain wall sections create large free spans along with a narrower straight line. This is an advantage because it improves thermal performance and is a better option to the traditional aluminum systems. The system has been used in Europe for years, and has finally started to become apart…

Structural Hollow Section

Structural hollow section: a versatile design structure

The Steel Tube Institute reports that in the United States visitors can find buildings as diverse and attractive as the Salt Palace, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Kimmel Center and all are making use of the structural hollow section in architecture. The shape itself contributes to…